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If you are like most gardeners, you love to "feel the earth" but don't like to pay the price of dry skin and hands and fingernails that get so dirty they are hard to get clean. YardGlove Barrier Lotion helps solve the problem! Apply just a small amount to your hands BEFORE gardening and its natural ingredients will form a protective moisturizing barrier on your skin. When you get your hands into the dirt, mulch, and fertilizer, it all sits on top of the barrier and then just washes off with soap and water! Water alone won't take it off under normal circumstances and your hands will feel smooth and soft when you are done. Don't forget your knees and feet too. Handymen and mechanics say it works great against grease, oil, paint and other products used in their projects as well.

So go ahead, feel the earth and GET DIRTY! Have fun and when you wash up your hands will look great! You will especially notice a difference as the season progresses because you won't have the usual stains in the cracks and crevices in your hands. Your nails and cuticles won't give you away either!.

We wish you many hours of happy worry-free gardening!

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